A priority of the Roaring Fork Schools is the safety of its students and staff. In anticipation of the Grand Avenue Bridge closure, we asked parents, staff, students, and community members to do their part to help minimize traffic. It has been emphasized that this project is unprecedented in terms of its impact and, thus, that an unprecedented community response would be required to mitigate the inconveniences and transportation challenges.

This project has highlighted the strength of our community by everyone’s willingness to make changes and individual sacrifices for the greater good. Thank you for carpooling; using bus transportation; and walking or biking to get to your destination. The community’s willingness to be a part of the solution is just the sort of unprecedented response needed for this situation.

A by-product of the community’s use of alternative transportation during the detour has been a dramatic increase of both trail use and bicycle and pedestrian traffic around town--more than has ever been seen in our community. Though this is exactly what was asked of the community, the increased use requires all users to follow the trail and road rules and exhibit caution to help keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, there have been a few incidents both on the trails and around town involving students walking and biking to and from school.

In response to these incidents, we’ve reached out to our partners to examine the trails to see what other safety features can be added to the trails, including additional striping, mirrors, and signage. Additionally, we will be reviewing the rules and etiquette of proper road/trail use with our students. And we need everyone’s help to ensure there are no further incidents. Remember, getting around Glenwood Springs during the bridge closure is slower for everyone--there’s literally no other way around it.

As a school district, we carefully examine possible routes for our students to get to and from school to determine which, if any, routes can be designated as safe. We will continue to work with Garfield County and our partners to prioritize safe routes to and around Riverview School. Click here for a peek at possible routes to the school and surrounding area. If you want to participate in this process, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., a landscape architect with The Land Studio, Inc. who is working with the district to facilitate this process.

We have many great trails throughout Glenwood Springs, with many safe routes, but we need every commuter’s help keeping our students safe by following the trail/road rules and etiquette. We must all have patience, follow the rules, and keep an eye out for the hundreds of little commuters on their way to and from school every day. Thanks for helping minimize traffic, but most importantly, for keeping our students safe!

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