The Roaring Fork Schools underwent a community-wide visioning process in 2013. As part of this process, the District hosted 16 community meetings and heard from 1,400 parents and community members that their expectations for a well-rounded student learning experience requires a dual commitment to academic excellence and character development. This community feedback was the impetus for changing the graduation requirements. Graduation Requirements Overview Slideshow (link)


From that visioning process, graduation requirements were changed in two primary ways: (1) specifying course requirements (not just numbers of credits) in core academic subjects, (2) adding the Capstones Project requirement. Both of these changes were enacted to ensure that students gained the knowledge and skill they needed to be prepared for learning after high school, to give students more flexibility in choosing an academic path that met their needs, and to expect that students maximized their learning opportunities in high school, not simply completed a number of credits.


1. New Course Requirements

In Fall 2016, Roaring Fork Schools changed the specific course requirements for graduation, including reducing the total number of course requirements and eliminating some requirements. The Board of Education approved these changes in October 2016.

In January 2019, the science requirements were updated (the changes begin with the class of 2023).

The new requirements are detailed in Policy IKF, accessible here.

2. Capstones

The Capstones Project requires all graduating students to direct their own authentic learning experience and build meaningful skills, culminating in a project showing that they have the ability to apply and present their learning in some authentic way. 

Check out the Capstones website to learn more. 

Strategic Plan & Performance

Learn about our Strategic Plan and see how we're doing. 

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